Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sometime in July, I was being driven back to Gurgaon after a weekend spent at a runaway resort near Delhi called Neemrana.

The car I was traveling in was noisy, with the music blaring at an ear-shattering decibel level. And to add to that, Leon and Preetika were arguing about whether to make a stop for cigarettes or not, and both of them were trying to outdo not just each other, but the speakers as well. I really should have taken my car because right that moment, instead of the hard rock and the unnecessary argument, I could have been listening to something I enjoy a lot more. Silence.

Leon won, obviously, because he was the one driving.

We stopped.

That's when I got an SMS from my boss telling me that I would have to be in at work at eight the next morning and all of a sudden I realised things were going from bad to worse. The stress I had spent the last 48 hours trying to get rid of, was slowly crawling back up my spine. The entire setting was becoming familiar again. One of noise and chaos.

I was unhappy.

I spent the next two minutes staring at my mobile phone screen, desperately trying to key in a genuine excuse which would fit into 160 characters. To add madness to misery, I had to do this without using SMS lingo because I have this obsessive compulsive disorder which does not allow me to use abbreviations in any form of written text.

That's not all. As I sat there in my moment of madness, a couple of kids, beggars I guessed, came and stood RIGHT outside my window. I figured they would go away in a while, but they didn't.

That's when I lost it.

As I looked up and yelled "Kya Hai?," this is the sight that I saw:

Yes, my heart melted. I may not be nice, but COME on.

That's when I clicked the picture and asked them what they wanted, to which they replied "Ek Rupaiya." I obliged and gave them one one-rupee coin each. Preetika promptly handed them a bottle of Coke as well.

They ran off looking delighted and I went back to my mobile phone screen. As I punched in the letters, I couldn't help but think about the look on the faces of these boys. It was a look vaguely reminiscent of something I used to feel in a time I have now long forgotten. The look of contentment.

A couple of minutes later, once the cigarettes were bought, Leon got behind the wheel and we drove off. I gave Preetika a quick smile and went on to look out of the window in the direction of the setting sun.


Anonymous said...

look, see, supress, forget, freedom, regret, freedom...

J' said...

unhappiness is temporary...

whenever i am sad, i just think of people who may have more troubles then i do.. Thank god everyday for small mercies..

if you ever get time and inclination.. read Robin Sharma's 'Who will cry when you die' (i.e. if you haven't read it already)
Take Care.

Anonymous said...

hmmm interesting entry.

Anand Sarolkar said...

Yes, we have long forgotten contentment.

Bas hum bhagna chahte hain... har cheez ke peeche!

Me said...

'What does not kill you will make you stronger'

But beware:

What makes you weaker will never kill you

TS said...

@Anonymous: As long as freedom outruns the rest, my friend.

@J': The guy who wrote 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari'? I don't fancy him.

@Anand: Ha ha, true sir, very true.

@Me: The point is, are we willing to take the risk?

frissko said... may not make a big dent in their lives and they may not make a dent in yours...but these incidents have a way of swinging your mood, rescuing you from momentary miseries no...

J' said...

I don't either :D
and personally, i think that 'The Monk...' was the most crappy book I've ever come across... I managed to read first 3 chapters.. Which was A LOT!!
This book was different... Its made of small easy to follow chapters and however I hate the author.. It really helped me a couple of times to follow what was written there..
Up to you :)

Spunky Monkey said...

The saddest kind of existence I have seen ever has to be that of the ragpickers working, and living around the dump yard in North Delhi, on the way to Karnal.
The gravity of the situation was a hundred times more palpable on seeing them actually, than when I had seen a documentary film about them.

But then, what can we do besides giving them a rupee and, in this case, writing really long comments?

Good one this, but you must post more often jee.

Me said...

But do we have choice?

PS: I hope we are talking about the same thing :)

TS said...

@Frissko: You bet.

@Spunky Monkey: Will try. Is there anyway I can look up the documentary online or something?

TS said...

@Me: Hey, don't you go all philosophical on me now.. okay? :)

.blink said...

Nice, actually very nice... such moments reassure me of multiple things/ beliefs and emotions that sometimes seem to be slipping away between deadlines and train times.

Priya said...


That was some food for thought...

Anonymous said...

it's every being's goddamn right to be free, but it's not her right to define yours!

Anonymous said...

and....freedom does outrun the rest, because it is the 'rest' that drives you to seek freedom...

TS said...

@Blink: Thank you for the reassuring thought.

@Priya: Yeah, bhelpuri innit?

@Anonymous: ' but it's not her right to define yours!'

I do not follow.

Priya said...


Spunky Monkey said...

There are of course loads of films on Garbage Dumpyards, but the one I talk of, one of the few I have seen, is called Victims Of Garbage Dump, made by Plan India. It was just 10 minutes long and in Hindi. Nothing "artistically" great about it, but just matter-of-fact reporting, which is how documentaries should be anyway. I don't think it is available online.

Ps said...

moved me.
Just look at taht pic--and the way you describe it--makes me feel like I was in that car!

once again said...


i have hrd of this neemrana place, its supposed to be beautiful, innit !?

its funny how one moment we feel calm and the next minute you wanna run a bulldozer over someone aye.

TS said...

@Spunkey Monkey: Thanks, will use other means to get my hands on it.

@Ps: Thanks.

@Once Again: You said it. Btw, where the fuck have you been?

P. said...

I like :) As always.

So, what are you going to do about it TS??

TS said...

@p.: Nothing, to be very honest.

frissko said...

was reading this poem called 'Happiness' and this post came to mind...just thought i'll pass the link is a beauty...

TS said...

@Frissko: Thanks F, very thoughtful of you.

Suvrat Vasudev Sahay said...

Yaaaaaar whats with the bhikari obsession ??Faaaaakk...Screw them!

TS said...

@SVS: I think you should shut up. Hmph.

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