Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Still Owe Her Dinner

In the corporate world, farewell mails are commonplace. It is customery to thank your supervisors/peers/sub-ordinates and leave on a semi-nostalgic, cordial note. Who knows, you may have to work with them sooner than you think.

People who you have spent 10 hours of your weekdays with (God knows for how many months, maybe even years), gone out for drinks & dinner with, make their way out of your life with calculated ease. The push of the 'send' button and poof, all obligations are put to rest.

However, every now and then, a farewell mail comes along that strikes a chord. One in which the words written convey emotion, not social obligation.

Yesterday was a co-worker and dear friend's last day at work. So when the expected farewell mail reached my inbox, I thought I had a fair idea of its content and intentions. However, after I read the mail I found myself sitting motionless, staring at my monitor, and at a complete loss for words. This one didn't just strike a chord, it strummed one hell of a sequence.

(Pasted is an excerpt. There were a few more personal messages but I've just added the part addressed to me.)

TS -

Thank you TS! For being the person you are- straightforwardly enigmatic, and for being the writer you are- simply brilliant! The Wander Years and TS will always hold a special place in my heart for inspiring me to write again. For all the contrsuctive criticism, for the uncomplicated friendship, for godknowshowmanydrinks, for the appropriately timed messages, for dancing rarely but oh-so-sweetly (haha!), for the hairband look (forever etched in my mind), for the books you will write and are already on my list of favourites (check Orkut!) and for taking punctuation to a whole new level… Of course, none of this changes the fact that YOU still owe ME dinner!!! Hehe… You’re the best. Much love. I know what kind of an idea you are…

WHAT KIND OF AN IDEA ARE YOU? Are you the kind that compromises, does deals, accommodates itself to society, aims to find a niche, to survive; or are you the cussed, bloody-minded, ramrod-backed type of damnfool notion that would rather break than sway with the breeze? The kind that will almost certainly, ninety-nine times out of hundred, be smashed to bits; but, the 100th time, will change the world.

When I saw her later that evening, there were a million things I wanted to thank her for...
  • for being there for me,
  • for the honest criticism of my articles,
  • for getting my left-feet moving (even though it meant taking my hand and dragging me to the dance floor),
  • for being the first one to NOT ridicule the hairband (and understanding that I was inspired by Farhan Akhtar and NOT Abhishek Bachhan),
  • for calling me DON,
  • for writing again (I may have wept after reading Teresa),
  • for teaching me how to mix lyrics and literature,
  • for making Friday's something to look forward to, and of course,
  • for letting me believe that I'm an idea...
But I didn't say any of that. Instead I smiled and said, "I still owe you dinner."


ASHAR said...

Nice post..infact just had a glimpse of your blog..must say its very diverse, the perfect blend of a neutral perspective alongwith some precious personal touch!

Keep up!

iksha said...

Where am I supposed to be back from?? :)

iksha said...

That post was really sweet btw! *sniff*
Like I said, I hate it when (some) people leave.

iksha said...

Oh..hehe i havent left yet! It's not till Good Friday weekend! Sigh...I'm still stuck at work, though this hardly counts are "working" :)

iksha said...

ohh hmm...i tried, but nothing comes to mind! hehe! u at work?

diyadear said...

truely beautiful.. i know how dear some ppl suddenly become to us esp when ur in a coporate environment.. ur post flooded me with memories of my days at office.. sigh.. i miss those days!!
coming back to u, well written..felt as if its direct dil se. do take her out to dinner,, n have a nice time :)

Ps said...

When someone leaves, it is always harder for the one who gets left behind.
Now I know where you got those marvellous words from.Not the ones you wrote here--the other ones.

The i-Man said...


Anonymous said...

Etchings on my Soul...

I dont know much about you Tanmay Sahay... but...
I do know one thing..
You write beautifully...
I have never... for once...imagined that you would write like this...
Its mind-blowing... and I'm not satisfied by what i've read so far...
So I know for sure that I'm going to return for more...

P. said...

My turn to be motionless, and at a loss for words.

I am overwhelmed.

Love you.

More later.

mannat said...

This one i can call CUTE!! hehe

TS said...

@Diya: Thanks, I will.

@PS: She writes really well because I'm not worthy of most of them.

@i-Man: Stop reading and start writing, I miss UJZ take on the world.

@Anonymous: Please do. Thanks for the generous words and encouragement.

@P. - Love you too.

@Mannat: Cute is good, right?

Shalini said...

That was aptly timed...I just put in my papers...and so true...with one click on the send button you can put everything to rest. But I took almost 1 hour to write mine...complete with thanks yous, sorrys, grateful fors...blah blah blah...

Nice post!!

iz said...

TS, you're beginning to open up. And your posts get better and better with every one. I bow down dutty tribal style.

The i-Man said...

ha ha..everything will come..let the time be ripe and you shall have what you asked for!

TS said...

@Shalini: You put in your papers? Why why why? Another Cross-Country?

@Iz: Thank you. I love most things tribal... ;) Where were you all these days?

@i-Man: Make it quick. Please. How's InfoSec treating you otherwise?

Dan said...

Wow! What wonderful things to say about you. Are you going to keep in touch with her? I hope so.

At least until you take her to dinner.

nemesis said...

lovely...i wonder who is this who touched u so...

J said...

Thanks for being my inspiration TS...

I would really love to ask you to read my blog someday.. maybe you can suggest some corrections... i am bad at punctuation :D

TS said...

@Dan: I will for sure, she's a sweetheart.

@J: Send me the link, I'll correct the punctuation for you... ;)

J said...

thats very sweet of u.. someday i will send u the link... i.e. whenever i find courage to do so... :D

anyways i do want a favor... i want your comments settings.. mine disappeared.. dunno where....

TS said...

On the edit post page, at the bottom left there is a link which says 'POST OPTIONS.'

Click on it and alter the settings. It should work then.

J said...

thanks.. was able to resolve that problem...

i started writin few days ago... after i read ur blog and posted a comment as anonymous..(etchings on my soul)
and i was havin a helluva difficult time trying to get my first comment back!

thanks again..

TS said...

No worries J.

Keep writing.

Chimera said...

if i had collegues like this I would never want to travel.

Veda said...

Nice writing. Keep up the good blog.

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