Friday, March 09, 2007

Framed on the wall of a club I frequent:

"There was a time during 1976-1977, when the record business went crazy. That was when Hotel California came out, and Saturday Night Fever, and also Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. That was the music business at its decadent zenith. I seem to remember that the wine was the best and the drugs were good and the women were beautiful and, man, we seemed to have an endless amount of energy. Endless stores of energy. Hangovers were conquered by Bloody Marys and Aspirin. You were resilient."

Glenn Frey

(I somehow relate to it a lot.)


iksha said...

you're making yourself sound really old then! ;) and I hear a lot about this club that you frequent! Must check it out next I'm in India!

Szerelem said...

nostalgia much?

TS said...

@Iksha: Not old, just lost.

@Szerelem: I was born in '83 (thirty years too late) so no nostalgia, just a deep, inexplicable connection with those times. Maybe the lifestyle has something to do with it.

hedonistic hobo said...

love rumours. what an album!

the chain......whatta song!

TS said...

@Hobo: I know! When are you getting your backside here?

P. said...

Oh yes, I like that one too...! :)

Cynical Consultant said...

Sigh... nostalgia.
Unfortunately (from the looks of it), the record industry is never going back to what it was. Now its all about singles.

One of my favorite books is hammer of the gods. See if you can get it, lots of insights.

But times have changed. Now its about random people adding tracks and a ponytailed dude splicing them together.

The industry is pointless now.

fleetwood mac... stevie nicks... sigh

TS said...

@P.: I know!

@Cynical Consultant: Yeah I've heard of that one. Currently I'm reading Spliffs: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture.

The i-Man said...

waah ustaad waah! TC da jawaab nahin!

That Armchair Philosopher said...

Amen to that.

deep inexplicable connection - I know what you mean. I have that with three different periods of human history for some weird reason - WWII, the old american west/frontier times, and then england in the 15th century.

I guess thats how long it takes for you to reincarnate :D

TS said...

@i-Man: True that.

@That Armchair Philosopher: I know EXACTLY what you mean... :)

Shalini said...

Hmmm... I like this one...Fleetwood Mac...i had almost forgotten that name!!!

Abhijin said...

I was looking for this excerpt after last night's visit to Turquoise Cottage. Thanks ..! :)

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