Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Stories from Oblivion: Chapter Two: BKN/UDZ

When you visit four cities in as many days, your idea of a room with a view becomes something like this:


Karni Mata Temple

The Karni Mata Temple at Deshnok (Distt. Bikaner) is famous the world over because of the presence of over 3000 mice within the temple premises.

8th Wonder of the World or as Dr.Gonzo once said: RAT COUNTRY!

The mice are well fed and are free to roam about. When you enter the temple premises, you are advised to drag your feet so that you don't step on the mice by mistake!
Another unique thing is that not a single mouse leaves the temple premises even though the gates are always open.


Apart from posters that read "Dharmendra: MISSING!" you can also see:

Junagarh Fort

Handcrafted ivory weapons

(Is there a support group for people who get turned on by this?)


If you want to capture the essence of this majestic city, you really must carry a half-decent camera, maybe even an SLR.

The road to Sajjangarh fort.

Sajjangarh Fort

View from the north-side of the fort.

A passing cloud offers some much needed shade.


Beedi jalaye le?

(Picture Courtesy: My Nokia 6600)


Shalini said...

I bow down and I salute thee my friend...excellent photographs, beautifully captures once dont even need words to describe your experience...

Of course, the caption for the handcrafted ivory weapons was the best...did that turn YOu on???

haha...have safe!

rj said...

very nice photos man..

looks like you are having fun.

wanted to go to Rajasthan all my life :D

will be going there in march.. will take ur advice then

Anonymous said...

where is karni mata temple?

Sush said...

Came here through ujjwal's blog...
Loved the fact tht your cellphone has such good quality pic taking capability and the fact that you picteured one of the most facinating cities i am yet to visit...:)

Glittering Girl said...

Hmm.. a travelogue in the form of pictures! wow! that's what pictures do- you just don't need words to describe how it was like- pictures are a perfect description for that! woW! Hope you're having a great time travelling! That caption "Is there a support group for those who get turned on by this?" was so funny! hehe.. I'm still laughing. You have a great s.o.h (sense of humour)!
have fun!
see you!

Ujjwal said...

refreshing. missing home!

Anonymous said...

Tanmay, fantastic pictures, esp the ones in weapons. very good perspective. also, the silhouette (is that how its spelt??!)of the fort is very commanding...
lucky boy, you.

Anonymous said...

of the weapons, i mean..!!

Fuzzylogic said...

First time here.Lovely pics,never got a chance to visit Rajasthan,your pics really took me on a virtual tour:)I need to see those rats at the karimata temple,that's something strange and unique!
Nice blog!

Dan said...

Udaipur! I was there! That brings back great memories.

I hope you're enjoying yourself as much as those mice.

hedonistic hobo said...


so why are mice fostered at the temple?

T said...


ANkita said...

Hey Tanmay...brilliant pics man..since when did u become a photographer???...hope ur international recruiting chance is coming soon since u must've run out of ppl in India by now..they way u've been travelling..ha ha

Ankita said...

sorry thats..'The way u've been travelling..'

iz said...

you're not just a good writer...

hedonistic hobo said...

you're leading the life man.......

Anyway I'm not kidding about Lodha i.e. Lodhi Garden. It's a sexpit!