Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stories from Oblivion: Chapter One: JBP

The Spot

Dhuandar Falls near Bhedaghat, our very own version of Niagra thankyouverymuch.

The Sight

Paisa Vapas if it doesn't make your heart stop.

The Performer

Our man was lazing around in the warm winter sun when I approached him. The moment he realised he was going to be caught on camera he put his turban on his head, grabbed the snake-like stick and posed. Once I had taken the shot he looked at me straight in the eye and said "Ten Rupees for photo!"

I smiled and handed him a hundred. He didn't smile back.

The New-Age-Urban-Indian-Woman's idea of 'Cho Chweeet'

When was the last time you met a little boy called 'Bholu?'
Oh, and FYI... He makes the best cup of Masala Chai ever.

My King of the Road

Sumat: Himesh Reshammiya fan and driver par excellence.


iz said...

Take me with you na please!

faceless said...

All photos and no story ... :-|

You really must be visiting places. Could you elaborate a bit more on the location addresses??

P said...

You gave him 100 bucks????!!!! That was my money.....

shalini said...

My Sahay,

I envy you...You get to meet Bholu, drink masala chai and see the replica of Niagar Falls.. Sob! and you get paid for all this...

Waiting for more...

Snake Anthony said...

I never thought I'd find myself saying, let alone feeling this, but I kinda miss North India.

*shocks herself*

Nice selection of photos!

Jane Doe said...

good stuff!
Where is our Niagra? Where?

North India is AWESOME :D

P. said...

I like!!

Where though??

iksha said...

you lucky you!
I always envy ppl who get to travel for work! sighh!!
exactly where are these places in north india?? :)

iz said...

Hey just want to say thanks for opening up on my comments page. I've always looked forward to your comments, but now I feel I'm, getting to know you through them!

Glittering Girl said...

Nice pics! and yea, the one with caption "paisa wapas if it doesn't make your heart stop" was a nice one. actually our own version of niagra falls was a nice one too. all were nice with interesting captions! :)
see u! all the best for your travel!

Dan said...

Great photos TS!

When my wife and I were in India in the early 90s folks wanted money for every photo as well. One young boy took our photo (a Polaroid, which he developed right there in front of us) on an elephant outside a fort in Agra. He wanted too much for it and I couldn't get him to lower the price far enough for me.

So I asked him to hold it up for me so that I could take a photo of the photo! And he did! :) I don't think he was aware of what I was doing! I think I gave him a small fee for that.

hedonistic hobo said...

i too am a himesh reshamiyya fan but negotiating hilltop roads is not my cup of tea.

acha so this was the bholu you were talking about. yaar i had said 'not children' in my post. and you're right choo chweet he is!

TS said...

@Iz: Yayayayayaya, for sure.

@Faceless: Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

@P: Your money???

@Shalini: Yes, well... guess I got lucky. On the road again for two weeks starting tonight (Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jaiselmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota).

@Snake Anthony: Maybe you should pay a visit, things have changed.

@JD: Its near a place called Bhedaghat, which is about 15 kms outside Jabalpur.

@The other P: I'm glad... :)

@Iksha: Well, lets hope the luck continues...

@Iz: No worries. If I feel, I write. You do too, right?

@Glittering Girl: Thanks... :) They were all taken from my camera phone!

@Dan: Hope your India trip was fun.
And about the photo, very smart! I think I'm going to try that next time, ha!

@Hobo: Yeah, me too. Infact I know him personally and he once wanted to borrow music from me
*takes a bow*

maddy said...

Dude, earlier i just envied your writing skills, now i think i envy your job too...u're travelling to these places on work?? Those falls are to kill for! Have fun! (like i need to tell u that ;)!)

Ph said...

All travelogues should read like this. Like it muchly.

TS said...

@Maddy/ph: Thanks, :)

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