Saturday, December 09, 2006

Who's your Daddy?

"The closest way of feeling close to someone you want to know is giving them a reason to laugh."

I have this constant need to be entertained.

Humour is the front runner. Anything for a laugh. I mean it, anything.

Some time ago, when I was surfing the relatively darker channels of the web desperately seeking a laugh, I stumbled upon a random-comic-super-hero. You heard me, a random-comic-super-hero. His name is SUPERFLY and he boldly goes where no fly has gone before.

Go say Hi to him. You'll figure out the post title once you get there.



Shalini said...

Hola Sire!

I admit that its been long since I last visted your blog. And I noticed a lot has changed in here..hehe. I love the picture in the earlier post.

And the post on Death of heavy metal...hmmm you capable of some serious thinking too!!

Loved it...And the phrase "who's your daddy??" once made me and Preetika laugh so loudly. Ask her why...


TS said...

I will NEVER ask P any such thing. Ever.


Ujjwal said...


Congrats. My college student-run blog has decided to link your blog through theirs. Now you'll have a lot of traffic from BITians and BIT Mesra in general.

Check it out!!

TS said...

You're serious???



Ujjwal said...

Yeah!! I am a contributor to that blog and I it seems that whats worthy on my and faceless's blog should be definitely good enough to be referenced by hacked-to-death BIT students..

Way to go :)

TS said...

Thanks UJ. You're a star!

Ujjwal said...

Arre, abhi se upar pahucha diya..itna prem bhi theek naahi hai bhaya..

anyways, excited that i shall be in India this weekend..
hopeful that I shall see you sometime this winter..
sad that I shall miss friends in Pittsburgh..
and satisfied that I have a blog to chalk all these emotions down..

Keep the pen flowing TS.

Tanushree said...

no more MISSTA nice guy... ur tanmay "SUPAH FLY" sahay...hehe

hedonistic hobo said...

if you really wanna kill time

and there used to be this one awesome manga site that feattured stick figure cartoons whenever i rememeber it shall pass it on
otherwise there's always youtube and perezhilton